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Integrated Management System Policy

Şimşek Ambalaj San ve Tic AŞ, established in 1955 with 100% domestic capital, is one of the leading companies in the
metal packaging sector and aims to act through its Integrated Management System, developed under the scope of its vision, mission, principles and values in accordance with the legal requirements, to gain the trust of our stakeholders and to contribute to sustainable improvement.

In course of this objective; we undertake

  • To be a leading and innovative company in the sector,
  • To adopt the principle of making production in a manner that ensures product safety,
  • To prioritize sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty by meeting customer demands and expectations, and to provide implementable solutions for customer complaints,
  • To follow technological developments, to conduct design and development studies for our products/processes,
  • To be transparent towards our stakeholder in our applications,
  • To define all risks and opportunities, which may affect achievement of company targets and to evaluate their positive or negative effects on the management system in favor of our organization, and to implement them into our processes,
  • To respect human and environment by focusing on protection of our natural environment,
  • To reduce wastes, to increase the recycling rate, to reduce the utilization of natural resources,
  • To use the energy efficiently, to increase the share of renewable energy sources,
  • To work in a respectful manner towards the society and environment, to create a healthy and safe work environment, 

    to develop preventive approaches towards potential occupational diseases and injuries,
  • To ensure the occupational health and safety during our activities and to develop systems to prevent occupational-work accidents,

and to implement and to continuously develop the requirements of the management system standards with the participation of all our employees by increasing the awareness of our employees.